EDGE Shop by NeochaEDGE

Chinese art agency opens online store featuring limited prints from emerging artists


Based in Shanghai and born from a small collective of designers, filmmakers, musicians and entrepreneurs, NeochaEDGE is a multi-faceted and successful creative agency and production house. It’s a pioneering company—founded by Adam J. Schokora and Sean Leow—that seeks the most talented artists in China and, with the introduction of the EDGE Shop, art collectors from around the world can now purchase prints from their favorite NeochaEDGE artists. Essentially, it has become one of the most active creativity incubators in the country.

edge-shop-by-neocha-2b.jpg edge-shop-by-neocha-2a.jpg

NeochaEDGE has also built its popularity on its bilingual web-magazine, an inspirational source for those looking to discover the real made-in-China creativity—beside the usual luxury, high-end market and big city clichès already well known all over the world.

EDGE Shop came mainly out of necessity. After fielding countless requests and individual transactions for artists, NeochaEDGE founders Schokora and Leow decided it was time to set up an online store. It allowed them time to focus on the magazine and creative agency but also, importantly, provided artists and collectors from across the world a way to connect.


EDGE Shop offers a selection of limited edition art prints, cutting-edge illustrations and products from emerging Chinese artists and designers. Among them, the colorful prints of Beijing-based illustrator Niu Xiaosheng, the oneiric worlds of Shanghai-based Woshibai and recently two pieces by Hua Tunan; who is one of China’s most talented street artists whose work has recently drawn attention globally.

So far the majority of buyers have been from abroad, but China is currently in the middle of art auctions fever—the domestic upperclass is looking to art as an interesting investment opportunity. And EDGE Shop, whose pieces are retailed for a price ranging from $80 to $120, is pushing the idea of affordable art.


Beyond the niches of rich investors and the art savvy, made-in-China creativity is increasingly drawing the attention of a broader audience. More and more people are looking for exclusive objects, limited edition artworks and design objects aimed to define one’s personal style and identity. NeochaEDGE’s attentive observers of the local creative scene know this very well, with big things expected from the store.

Images courtesy of NeochaEDGE