Fifty Designers’ Current Favorite Typefaces


With his Fifty Designer's Current Favorite Typefaces book, James West of the Essex design studio Create/Reject has come up with a simple and useful project in response to the Myanmar Cyclone disaster.

Enlisting the participation of fifty graphic designers and typographers from around the world, West has put together a timely snapshot of the creative predilections of today's best talents. Participants include Stefan Sagmeister, Why Not Associates, eBoy, Experimental Jetset, Wim Crouwel, and a host of other big names. According to his site, he sold over 700 copies within 48 hours of launching the project. Naturally, all proceeds go directly to UNICEF to help in the disaster relief.

The book sells for £3 and can be ordered online or purchased directly from Koenig Books in Charing Cross Road, London or Artwords Bookshop in Shoreditch, London.

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