Free Spirit Spheres


I've had a thing for treehouses ever since seeing the Ewoks in Return Of The Jedi, which led to my dad building a great one for my brother and me. We loved playing in it, but if we'd been given one made by Canadian Tom Chudleigh, I can guarantee I would still be living in it now.

His beautiful tree spheres evolved when an original plan to build a boat didn't quite take off, and he put what was effectively the cabin up in a tree in his native British Columbia instead. Since completing the first prototype called Eve, which was made out of yellow cedar wood, Tom has perfected his techniques. Now, he also constructs the spheres out of fiberglass, fitting them with plumbing, wiring and the all-important windows. Prices start at around US$45,000.

His amazing work is also featured in the the book Treehouses by Paula Henderson and Adam Mornement, which is well worth looking at (U.S. click here, U.K. click here).

More of Tom's pictures, used with his permission, can be seen after the jump.