Bombay Sapphire: Martini Season

The spirit brand celebrates the classic cocktail

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From its inception, Bombay Sapphire was crafted with the perfect martini in mind. This long-standing connection with the classic cocktail now provides the foundation for a new initiative that celebrates both Bombay Sapphire and the cocktail for which it was designed.

Bombay employs a master botanist that is in charge of sourcing the specific high-quality ingredients that go into the distillation process. The botanical ingredients that go into gin are what impart the spirit’s flavor and each brand of gin has its own unique recipe. While all gin contains juniper berry, Bombay’s botanist travels as far as Java for cubeb berries and sources Grains of Paradise from West Africa to round out the signature Bombay Sapphire taste.

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Using a vapor-infusion method that has been honed over the course of more than two centuries, Bombay Sapphire gin is produced in small batches. The botanical elements are contained in baskets and vapor passes over them continuously, extracting their essential flavors to incorporate directly into each drop of gin. While quicker methods may allow for more gin to be produced, the specialized and time-intensive process that produces Bombay is part of what gives it a balanced flavor profile.

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The well-proportioned use of the typical botanicals found in gin, along with the vapor-infusion process, are what make Bombay Sapphire an excellent match for the martini, whether it be in its most classic form or an imaginative reinvention. With that in mind, Bombay invites you to celebrate Martini Season.