Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Motorbike Essentials

Presents for the riding enthusiast in your life

Sponsored by Alpinestars

For many, owning a motorbike isn’t just about riding—it’s a theme that permeates one’s entire existence and identity. We’ve trawled the web for motorbike-inspired gifts for those people in your life (whether it be a sister, uncle, pal or yourself) that are already set with basic gear like helmets and gloves. Be it curious, creative or functional, our guide has it: keychains, limited edition photos and the Alpinestars‘ durable and luxuriously soft Oscar Brass Leather Jacket.

‘Nico the Kid’ Fine Art Print

Madrid-based photographer Kristina Fender seeks out motion, and her particular interest is capturing those zooming by on motorbikes. Her black-and-white “Nico the Kid” ($150) is exemplary of her talent for preserving the animated energy of bikers and their rides—and in this particularly photograph, the tension between the viewer and subject holding the slingshot raises goosebumps.

“Headed Somewhere” Keychain

To inspire all your future road trips, Vancouver-based brand Explorer’s Press offers their sweet “Headed Somewhere” keychain ($5). Attach the 2.5″ gold-stamped plastic piece to your keys and make every time you lock up your house the beginning of an adventure.

Oscar Brass Leather Jacket

Made from luxuriously soft and buttery full-grain leather, Alpinestars’ Oscar Brass jacket ($580) isn’t just a pleasure to wear—it’s also super-functional. This moto jacket boasts removable CE-certified shoulder- and elbow-protectors and there’s an interior pocket which offers space should you want to insert a back-protector too. With accordion-style inserts on the waist and shoulder gussets, the jacket is comfortable and offers plenty of movability to the wearer—especially when they’re atop their beast. Not sacrificing safety for style, this jacket is a rider’s essential, on and off the bike.

Sideburn Issue #22

Started in 2008, Sideburn is billed as “the world’s greatest go fast, turn left magazine” covering everything dirt track racing-related—from home-built bikes to death-defying mountainside rides, daunting road trip routes and more. Pick up the latest issue ($9) for 100 pages of new bikes, rider profiles and dirt bike destinations, or sign up for a subscription to receive a new issue every three months.

Self-Guided Tours

Understanding that the true joy of riding is found out on the open road, The Roadery offers self-guided tours across the American West for enthusiasts looking to escape. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or an all-out, multi-state road trip, The Roadery will book and schedule hotels, routes, rentals and everything else you need to get going—all you have to do is show up. Tours start as low as $289 for a two-day breather and can reach $3,323 for a 12-day, 1,700-mile trek.

Best Biking Roads App

Compiled by 25,000 motorcyclists and containing over 7,500 routes across the globe, the Best Biking Roads app ($4) delivers unprecedented insight for tenured riders and novices alike. The app is based on the website of the same name, which has been accruing recommended treks for eight years now—but in app form, it’s even easier to access and navigate. Additionally, the options within are ever-growing as users can contribute their own recommendations.

Café Racers: Speed, Style and Ton-Up Culture

Documenting some of the most notable examples of café racer culture—the ’60s sub-cultural movement of stripped-down yet jazzed-up motorcycle racing—across 224 pages of striking visuals by photographer Michael Lichter, this book ($37) is a celebration of design and engineering. The book flows in chronological order, charting the movement’s course and it’s not just about the bikes, but the culture of it all.

Images courtesy of respective brands, hero image also courtesy of Alpinestars