Tobacco Motorwear Women’s Kevlar Pants

Kickstarting protective gear that feels as comfortable as your favorite jeans

Last year, LA-based Tobacco successfully Kickstarted their Kevlar-lined jeans for men. The jeans—which are reinforced with the fabric (a synthetic fiber often used in protective gear) in order to shield motorbike riders—were wildly successful, yet were only made in men’s sizes and styles. With women riders oftentimes unsatisfied with the options, Tobacco saw yet another void to fill and are now crowdfunding for their women’s line—made to perform as moto gear, but look and feel like your favorite pair of jeans.

The jeans—in a high-waisted, five-pocket slim fitting style, with stretch for comfort and mobility—aren’t just lined with Kevlar; the fabric is strategically placed for both protection and preserving clean lines. They’re all handmade in LA using raw denim, selected for the material’s strength. Best of all, the size range is broad (starting at 24 and going up to a 40) so women of all shapes and sizes are bound to find a pair for them.

In their promo video, Tobacco rider Joy Lewis can be seen dragging follow rider Holly Hanson by a rope to test out the jeans. “I was dragged on my ass behind a bike to see how long the Kevlar would hold up. I was surprised to see how quickly the denim blew out,” Hanson says. “But the Kevlar looked untouched.”

Tobacco is currently crowdfunding their women’s jeans on Kickstarter, where a donation of $187 will result in a pair of Tobacco Kevlar-lined jeans in one of two colorways: indigo or black.

Images courtesy of Tobacco