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CAKE and Buster + Punch’s Vibrant New Electric Motorbike

A bold vehicle from two design-forward brands

Sold out within hours, CAKE’s new, limited edition electric motorbike—made in collaboration with London’s Buster + Punch—launched today and looks like it rode in from the future. The £18,000 vehicle includes all of the features typical of the Swedish bike company, but unlike the sleek utilitarian aesthetic that encompasses many of their previous models, this version gets a unique upgrade with an electrifying purple chassis and new cutting-edge materials. With Buster + Punch’s passion for bold design, inspired by East London’s subcultures, it’s a natural partnership that results in a fiery creation that’s explicitly innovative—inside and out.

On a single charge, the bike has a three-hour range and it’s fitted with a 110KW power unit. An absolute torque machine, the CAKE Electric tops out at 90kph. While not street legal, this bike is light and quiet, utilizing Öhlins air fork and rear linkage shock suspension.

While the motor may be quiet, the look of the Cake Electric is anything but. Custom engineered parts (many of which draw from the solid and rare metals used in Buster + Punch’s interior products), batteries, fenders, custom cockpit detailing and wheel rim fades are given Buster + Punch’s full attention to detail. In fact, no part of its style was overlooked. From the monogrammed classic and signature diamond-cut knurling to the custom solid foot-pegs and brake levers to the signature coin screws, the CAKE Electric’s design unlike any other on the market.

Buster + Punch founder Massimo Buster Minale has an affinity for two-wheelers, having customized several bikes in his garage in Shoreditch, so the project has been a dream come true. “The custom motorcycle and the lifestyle that goes with it are in my blood,” he explains. “Taking something off the shelf and evolving it to fit a specific type of person is one of the most testing and satisfying processes in design.” And that’s certainly evident with this vibrant bike.

Images courtesy of CAKE and Buster + Punch


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