Artist Jaclyn Mednicov


Brooklyn-based artist Jaclyn Mednicov has evolved as an artist with each place she has lived and traveled. Having crossed the U.S. a couple times, along the way she's shown in several galleries across the country. After a stop in Santa Monica, Jaclyn realized she needed more stimulation and decided to move to New York for a change in scenery and to further her passion of art.

Jaclyn continues to be inspired by the intersection of nature and man-made structures and how new life emerges, even through the toughest of surfaces. Life growing through cracks in the sidewalks, brick walls and in subways have all helped inspire the delicate lines and whimsy of her work.


Depicting deserted spaces with isolated sections of color, Jaclyn's work alludes to a sense of place and memory. This month 20×200 is featuring inexpensive prints of two of Jaclyn's works, "Flood" and "Stacked Upon." In addition, the Northeast addition of the New American Paintings Magazine will featured her work.