Laidback by Das Ding

The "Laidback" sofa, with its exaggerated proportions and skew angles, is a tricky new design from Belgian studio Das Ding. This oversized furnishing's super-high arm rests and upwardly-sloped seats make it both attractive and visually unique. Only the "two-seater" model is currently available, but, despite its name, this high-volume sofa can easily seat up to four. Its unusual depth provides room for its occupants to kick back with their feet up, allowing the sofa to double as a guest bed. Measuring in at 88" x 54" x 38.5", the large-scale design creates a playful womb-like resting place that's as cozy as it is good-looking. Custom upholstery options are available for this €3000 made-to-order piece, including the colorful retro fabric pictured after the jump.