Laura Zindel Ceramics

Exquisitely-rendered tarantulas, bird eggs, and bumblebees with dishware as canvas


Drawn with careful, scientific precision, Laura Zindel‘s insect imagery adds a creepy Victorian-era touch to her expertly-crafted ceramics. The highly detailed, all-black renderings of spiders on dinner plates and scarab beetle on saucers show her gifts for illustration and well-made tableware alike.

ZindelRooster.jpg ZindelSpider4.jpg

Incorporating an array of animals and plants, Luna moths, bees, tarantulas, dragonflies, ladybugs and birds all get her painstakingly loving treatment. Zindel’s taste for symmetry also lends refined complexity; on a large pasta bowl adorned with snakes, their mirrored curving bodies create a gorgeously ornate pattern.


Like the Harvard Museum of Natural History‘s collection of biologically exacting glass flower specimens, made with breathtaking detail, Zindel’s work makes the audience rethink both the subject and material.

ZindelFeather.jpg ZindelSpread.jpg

Seattle shop Blackbird now carries Zindel’s work at their recently-opened The Field House (the general store of the 21st century). Zindel’s work can also sells from Blackbird’s online shop and a selection of prints reflecting her insect sensibilities are available from her site.