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Lilith Rockett

Everyday housewares in elegant white porcelain

Lilith Rockett

While most artists intend for their work to be enshrined in a gallery or home, studio potter Lilith Rockett wishes to interact with her pieces on a daily basis. In a recent interview with the ceramics artist, Rockett shares, “I would hope that interacting with the work in an intimate way, living with the pieces in a domestic environment, could bring a mindfulness of the subtle, quiet beauty that surrounds us everywhere.”

Rockett started her career in ceramics in Los Angeles, CA before moving to Portland, OR to put together a private work space and studio. Each one of Rockett’s pieces is handmade and fired in a kiln behind her house. The majority of her work consists of everyday household objects, such as candleholders and pitchers, but are executed with extreme delicacy and precision from simple, white porcelain.

Rockett’s ceramics are sleek and unembellished, and are striking enough to be shown in galleries as works of sculpture. Arranged in different groupings, such as cups scattered around saucers, the pieces suggest social gathering, movement and narrative. On the composition of the grouping arrangements, Rockett comments, “I enjoy the evocative and sometimes ephemeral quality of the relationships [between objects] as light changes throughout the day, and as the pieces are used and rearranged.”

Rockett’s work can be purchased online at Kobo in Seattle and the OK Store in Los Angeles. Check her website for updates on gallery showings and her online shop.

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