Le Pumpkin

Squash-shaped water transport combining high-end design and functionality


Reliable access to filtered water is one of the biggest problems facing the developing world today. A solution with a twist, Le Pumpkin focuses on both filtering and transporting water in an easy manner. The concept comes out of David Edwards‘ (the mind behind Le Whif) class at Harvard’s Wyss Institute.

French designers Mathieu Lehanneur and Julien Benayoun joined the effort to realize a product that was practical, efficient and potentially stylish. Inspired by the malleable characteristics of the biological cell, Le Pumpkin consists of a large telescoping tube with the ends connected together forming a donut-like figure. Also like a cell, the Pumpkin expands or contracts to accommodate varying amounts of water, from four to 15 liters.


The user determines the amount of water, which is carried over the shoulder or strapped on the back. For larger volumes, the pumpkin can be rearranged for carrying on the head or around the waist and a built-in filtration system purifies the water while it’s in transit.


A self-proclaimed catalyst of an international humanitarian experiment, Le Pumpkin is an exceptional realization combining functionality, style and technology. Currently the project is being pushed forward by Artscience Labs, Le Laboratoire and Labogroup—an international collaboration determined to bring the issue of water to the forefront of the public conscience. Le Pumpkin is scheduled for release by the end of 2010 and can be pre-ordered from the LaboShop.