A design-focused vessel that addresses water transport and shortage issues


Cellbag is a quirky new snack-and-water carrier for day-trippers looking for on-the-go sustenance. Created by designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Professor David Edwards for ArtScience Labs, the adorable futuristic design can be slung over the shoulder on your daily commute, and comes in four distinct colors. The compartmental disc design was conceptualized by a group of Harvard students who—under the guidance of Edwards—were inspired by the form of actual biological cells. Now available, the CellBag marks the evolution of the early prototype developed last year, known then as “Le Pumpkin.”

CellBag can carry several liters of water on one side, with half of the compartment reserved for easy-access storage of dry goods. While this model has an urban audience in mind, the end goal of the expandable design is for use in areas with limited water. The container tubes can be conveniently linked together to form a full-body water-bearing bandolier, with the idea that these linked, telescoping tubes will be used to transport large amounts of water from distant sources to communities in need.

The humanitarian brand is donating all profits of the initial run to the EARTH Water Association and is launching its own initiative to deliver CellBags to the community of Moretele in South Africa. CellBag is available through The Lab Store for 75€. Check out their video to see the bag in action.