LELO’s Luna Smart Bead Pelvic Workout

A personal trainer and adult toy all in one, for longer lasting orgasms


Sweden’s sex toy design company LELO has built a reputation for two things: well-designed, intelligent adult toys and accumulating valuable data on how people prefer pleasure. Their latest offering, the Luna Smart Bead blends both of those pillars perfectly. With five progressive vibration levels (one purely for pleasure) and their signature body-safe silicone casing, there’s all that we’ve come to expect from the brand. And yet, this time they’ve incorporate personalized pleasure training and a “contract and relax” guided vibration routine.

For the Luna, LELO applied years worth of data they’ve accrued on the female orgasm—and their observations that many fall short of full potential (76% of women orgasm for less than six seconds). Touch sensors on the device measure the pelvic exercise level and calculate orgasm potential. From there, the smart device tailors a routine that builds Kegel endurance and leads to stronger climaxes—beginning with a five-minute daily routine. The device actually understands progress and continues to tailor itself over time with continued use. Strengthened pelvic floor muscles are an important deciding factor in climax regularity and the extended waves of pleasure. That said, if users just want to more simply relax and enjoy, the Luna easily delivers that as well.

The LELO Luna Smart Bead is available online for $109.

Images courtesy of LELO