LELO Celebrates Sexuality in Design

The brand encourages togetherness, enjoyment and experimentation with their UnDesign Awards

For 11 years now, Swedish design brand LELO has envisioned and created toys for pleasure that take into account sexual stimulation as much as exquisite design sensibilities. Their products are objects of which to be proud—not shy about—and the ultimate reward is fulfillment. Noticing a shift toward isolation and loss of connectivity (primarily related to our collective inability to separate ourselves from our mobile phones), the brand is launching their latest competition—one that challenges designers to develop a product that generates an emotional connection between people across three platforms: fashion, technology and graphic illustration. This isn’t an average pleasure object-producing institution; the company is seeking something that unites, and they want to encourage creatives to think about what it is that brings us all together. With “undesign” as the theme, the aim is to dismantle the barricades we’ve all built for ourselves in the age of digital.


Beyond that, LELO hopes to encourage designers to reevaluate the design process—injecting humanity back into the mix, with sex held at the forefront. Pleasure objects (or sex toys) do not need to isolate; and neither does design as a broader concept. LELO has become internationally renowned for the care and craft behind their products, not to mention their effectiveness, making them the perfect brand to spearhead a campaign focused on togetherness, enjoyment and experimentation.

Enter LELO’s award competition online with a 150 to 200-word text requirement and one to four images. Entry is free and the winners across all pillars will receive a $1,000 prize, $300 worth of LELO products and promotional support. Entries to the LELO UnDesign Award will be accepted until 1 August 2014.

Video and images courtesy of LELO