Lelo’s World Cup of Sex Survey, 2014

The best way to find out which countries are really scoring this summer


While sports fans globally affix themselves to television sets for each and every World Cup game, luxury sex toy brand LELO wants to remind us that there’s a lot of other international game play taking place during the hours in-between. The Swedish brand has been conducting a global sex survey every year since 2009 and this year is set to be the biggest to date. Over 30 countries—and 35,000 participants therein—have thus far shared the extent of their sexual relations. While LELO is still calling for participants, they’ve already begun to share some of the saucy and surprising results.


LELO’s survey is comprehensive but quick to complete—with six pages of easy-to-answer questions about an individual’s love life. The questionnaire runs the gamut from charting one’s number of sexual partners to the duration of each sexual experience. They also inquire as to who’s the dirtiest and who owns the most toys. LELO even probes into who fakes orgasms and cheats, but don’t panic: it’s all anonymous.

The information is then sorted regarding each participating nation for an extensive look into the nature of each World Cup country. It’s a glimpse into who the real winners will be over the summer season and beyond. For now, Switzerland mounts the promiscuity list (Greece and Brazil are not far behind) with 26% of their participants claiming to have had sex with more than 20 partners, but only time will tell if they’ll actually come out on top.


Participate now online, and while the information is sure to be rewarding enough when it’s released in its entirety, you’ll also get a 20% discount coupon for the Lelo store as an immediate thank you.

Images courtesy of Lelo