Leonard & Church Watches

A new timepiece company offering sleek designs and affordable luxury

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When Jeff Leung graduated college, he began the arduous odyssey of job searching and, even though smartphones display the time, Leung felt wearing a watch was a necessary part of appearing professional. He also decided that an inexpensive plastic or metal watch does make for a polished look. Now by corralling manufacturing contacts around the world, Leung and his team at
Leonard & Church have found a way to offer classic design and quality workmanship at an affordable price so everyone can buy one of their watches.

Leonard & Church has developed personal relationships allowing them to partner directly with some of world’s leading luxury timepiece manufacturers. “Our manufacturer handcrafts luxury watches that retail around the world for over $800,” said Leung. (One of their manufacturers produces the watch that President Obama wears.) With these manufacturing partnerships and our direct-to-consumer approach, they skip the industry’s middle-men markups.

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Leonard & Church watch designs range from their sleek classics to chronographs with Roman or Arabic numerals. The surgical-grade stainless steel cases and scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses have Miyota movements. Bands are made from crocodile patterned, padded leather or double-stitched nylon and woven tweed with leather backing.

The name Leonard & Church refers to an intersection in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, paying homage to the neighborhood and city that brought them together. “The area is rapidly changing; a few of us lived and worked in the area and we love the lifestyle that it embodies,” said Leung.

Leonard & Church’s Kickstarter aims to help fund their first round of production, and $90 will secure a watch of your own.

Images courtesy of Leonard & Church