Triarrows’ New Affordable Mechanical Watches

A skeletonized movement at an uncommon price now on Kickstarter

Sponsored by Triarrows

After two highly successful Kickstarter campaigns raising over $100K together, affordable watch brand TRIARROWS has returned with another well-made timepiece that defies traditional wristwatch pricing. Their new automatic watch, known as The Mechanical One, contains skeletonized movement elements. For anyone who doesn’t know what that means: you can see a portion of the watch’s insides ticking away. This has long been an intriguing asset for watch lovers, as it acts like a window into the world of self-winding timepieces. But here, TRIARROWS has brought this to your wrist at a very affordable price.

An array of features and design flourishes solidify these pieces in the luxury category—so shortcuts were not taken. A Japanese Miyota 82S5 mechanical movement (which automatically winds but can also be manually-wound) ticks away in a 316L stainless steel case. The lens has been crafted from sapphire crystal and the strap is genuine leather. There’s a custom designed stereoscopic, stamped index on the sandwich dial. Attention to detail is evident in all five of the models that comprise the collection. Altogether, this is a nuanced piece that should definitely appeal to those long interested in watches but scared of the price tag associated with more complicated pieces.

At 44.5mm, these aren’t small timepieces. But the spaciousness allows necessary attention to be paid to all of the details that make it distinct. In fact, the contrast between the polished case lugs and the vertical brushing of the case lends the pieces an elegant contrast. Elegance was definitely a goal the three founders of TRIARROWS was striving toward, as is functionality (from the small seconds hand to the watches’ waterproof nature). Again, though, their direct-to-consumer model stands with equal importance because it enables fledgling watchlovers to grab ahold of something new and handsome at a reasonable price.

TRIARROWS’ The Mechanical One is up on Kickstarter now, starting at $240 for a watch. If fully-funded, delivery is expected for June 2017.

Images courtesy of Triarrows