Alvieri’s Well-Priced Moon Phase Watches

From a convex dial ring to guilloche patterning, an altogether nuanced timepiece under $200

As far as functional design flourishes go on watches, there’s not much quite as charming as the moon phase—an indicator on watch dials that conveys the waxing and waning of the moon in a 29-day cycle. This feature most frequently appears on highly complex, pricy timepieces, but thanks to debuting watch brand Alvieri, there’s a reasonably priced option available. On Kickstarter now (and already fully funded), Alvieri is presenting two watches: the classic Firenze and the Lunar Firenze. Both retail for under $200 and remarkably, the moon phase is just one of many unique, defining characteristics.

Inside, one will find a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement (which keeps the price down, as well as the weight of the watch). And with a 40mm diameter, it forgoes an ostentatious presentation in favor of the details. The dial also sports engraved guilloche patterning and a convex ring that lends the entire face further definition. Two case options are on offer for both watches; either a rose gold PVD iteration or a polished 316 stainless steel. As far as other premium materials, sapphire crystal is used for the lens and the watch comes on a genuine Italian leather strap.

According to co-founder Darwin Xu, “We found that the moon phase complication is rarely offered at an affordable price so we tried to fill that gap. A lot of websites mistakenly label watches as moon phases when what they really are is day-night indicators which show a sun when it’s day and a moon when night falls. The lunar edition is our best seller so far. We also offer the classic edition which has a cleaner and simpler dial as we know a lot of people love clean designs.”

You can snag an Alvieri watch on Kickstarter now, with their Lunar timepiece selling for $199 and the Classic at $175. Delivery is expected in August 2016.

Images courtesy of Alvieri