Cult Classic Action Movie Posters by Joshua Ariza

The graphic designer adds some Mexican flavor to much-loved action flicks of the '80s and '90s


by Kohl Crecelius

The best artists are those that create for the sake of creating. And, while Joshua Ariza’s client list includes the likes of Nike and Red Bull, he has a history of side projects that are attractive, relevant and sometimes downright funny. The most recent installment in Ariza’s personal project portfolio no doubt piques the interest (and nostalgia) of many members of Generation Y. As an homage to action movies of the ’80s and ’90s, Ariza designed a series of screen-printed posters that interpret cult classics—including Point Break, Face/Off, Speed and Roadhouse—through Mexican themes. Each of the signed posters (made in a series of 100) uses minimal color and frames the movies in a unique way; blending a playful vibe with something a little more serious.

Visit Ariza’s online shop to browse the posters, which start at $30.

Images courtesy of Joshua Ariza