Making It

Filament winding, forging, hydrodynamic machining and more in a material specialist's latest look at manufacturing processes


While specifically targeting industrial designers, Making It: Manufacturing Techniques In Product Design makes a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about the production processes of nearly anything. Originally released in 2007, this second edition sees author and designer Chris Lefteri add 10 new processes to the already-extensive list of concise guides, updating readers on how these industrial tools work, how much they cost and how they can be used.


Lefteri breaks down almost every major production tool currently available to industrial designers, from rotary swaging to gas-assisted injection molding. Each of the processes is documented with a detailed commentary on the relevant materials, volumes produced, capital investment, scale, tolerance and more. There are also copious diagrams and photos to help clarify oft-complex methods for both the serious engineer or more casual tinkerer.


This latest edition also includes a new section on finishing techniques. Offering little-known facts in an easily digestible format, Lefteri discusses in characteristic detail the final steps that give products—whether decorative or functional—that attractive sheen or protective coating.

“Making It” is available March 2012 from Laurence King or for pre-order on Amazon.