Tom Blachford’s “Midnight Modern” From PowerHouse Books

The Palm Springs modernist architecture photo series in hardcover form

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Since our introduction to a new body of work from Melbourne-base photographer Tom Blachford in 2015, we’ve been graced with new announcements in his acclaimed “Midnight Modern” series every year. Taken by the beauty of Palm Springs, CA and propelled by a desire to capture it in a way not yet seen, Blachford ventured out at night—with patience. The resulting series of images honors the mid-century architecture and automobiles, while supporting the oftentimes bleak architecture. Previously the work could only be seen at exhibitions, or through Blachford’s own Instagram. Now, thanks to powerHouse Books, the night photography can be brought home as the “Midnight Modern” hardcover book. Some 144 pages of glossy, cinematic imagery take viewers on a journey through time. History has been captured beneath the moonlight of today, and it’s sure to appeal to lovers of design. Even for those who have been to Palm Springs, there’s something about Blachford’s photography that captures the iconic—Frank Sinatra’s Palm Twin Palms Estate, the Kaufmann Desert House and more—in a way that’s haunting and unique.

Midnight Modern” is available online for $65.

Images by Cool Hunting, from “Midnight Modern” by Tom Blachford, published by powerHouse Books