Mobile Student Supplies

Go back to school in high design

As design students head to school, they’d be wise to equip themselves with on-the-go supplies that embody the functional beauty of the larger concepts of the field. These five objects take creative scholars or simply those with an eye for good design from dorm to desk, on campus and beyond.


Palomino Blackwing

Resurrecting a 1930s design by Eberhard-Faber, Palomino has brought back the Blackwing pencil. The utensil’s shape is marked by a flat eraser that fixes work with precision while giving the object a painterly flourish, and has been used by famous icons John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein—not to mention Chuck Jones, who used it to sketch Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes classics. Erasers are replaceable with colored variations, and a 12-pack goes for around $20 from

Folding Scissors

Incredibly useful for mocking up ideas out of paper, scissors aren’t exactly the most convenient items to tote around. These American-made steel folding scissors look sleek and won’t tear apart your bag. Find it from Schoolhouse Electric for $8.

Solid Gray Backpack

Deceptively lightweight, the strong Solid Gray Backpack (€139) was conceived by Dutch firm Lijmbach, Leeuw & Vormgeving. Available in a few variations of black-and-white with stowable rain covers, the sleek bag’s outer shell is comprised of polypropene block copolymer and bonded with attractive aluminum rivets.

Void VO2 Watch

While it may take a few days to get used to reading the Void V02’s half-moon face, the speedometer-style watch is a gorgeous time-teller. Two hands with red and white ends display the time by pointing to digits of corresponding colors. The V02 sells from Void for €155.

Aya Thermo Can

Danish designer Sebastian Holmbäck presents the Aya Thermo Can for Georg Jensen as a handsome alternative to the standard thermos. Holding just under a liter of liquid, the rubber-coated stainless steel container serves to safely transport your morning beverage. Connox stocks the Aya for €110.