Moulin Roty Children’s Tool Boxes

Kits complete with all the essentials for DIY kids to become DIY adults

MoulinRotyTools-01.jpg MoulinRotyTools-02.jpg

Many adults amble through their daily lives without a proper tool kit. When a need arrives—be that for a hammer or saw or any type of screwdriver—they’re at a loss. Perhaps if the value of such a box were instilled at an earlier age, this wouldn’t be the case. That’s where French toy design company Moulin Roty has something to offer. Both their exquisitely designed Les Valises Small Tool Box Set and Large Tool Box Set offer essentials for industrious young girls and boys. Each high-quality tool kit comes with child-sized tools, fashioned neatly in a wooden box. This is no play set; it’s a fully functional beginners’ guide for kids with creative minds. The brand has been making toys for over 40 years, all designed in France and the wood used hails from forests in France or Europe—all of which have been managed ecologically. While adult supervision is strongly recommended, these are more than very thoughtful toys. They are utensils for creation that will leave a lasting impression.

Moulin Roty’s Small Tool Box is available for purchase on Amazon for $28, and their Large Tool Box is $74.

Images courtesy of Moulin Roty