Online Tools for Making Comics

J.D. Biersdorfer provides plenty of resources for making your own comic strips—from online tools and downloadable applications to guides for putting pen or paint to paper. “Got a tale to tell but don’t want to bang it out as a traditional book? Try doing it as a digital comic—and ignore anyone who thinks visual narratives are a lesser art form or basic fodder for Hollywood action movies,” she writes for the The New York Times. Biersdorfer suggests starting by familiarizing yourself with the classics like Peanuts, Black Panther and The New Yorker’s one-liners. Then, choose your medium. If opting for online work, then Canva, Pixton and Storyboard That are your best bets. The ComicBook app for iOS offers assistance for photo-based stories. Medibang Paint lets you draw using your finger or a stylus on your touchscreen. For the full guide, visit The New York Times.