Pensando en Blanco 3am

Sustainable "puff-bags" inspired by a baker's pre-dawn flour sack naps


In 1913 an unknown baker recorded the process of making double fermented bread. In his account he told the story of getting up at 3am to begin preparing the batch and, while waiting for the exact moment in which the loaves were ready to be placed in the oven, napping on the 100kg bags of flour. This anecdote is what inspired the 3:00 am collection, a range of “puff-bags” created by Spanish design studio Pensando en Blanco.


The bag’s materials derive historical significance as well, woven on traditional hand-operated looms. Hand crocheted wire to wire, the high-quality linen and cotton fabrics come from Teixidors, a beloved Spanish heritage textile company for which Pensando en Blanco has recently been tapped for art direction. The neutral-hued sacks are accented with vegetable-tanned leathers and tapestry “skins” dyed from a natural combination of tree bark and river water.


The entirely hand-sewn bags are stuffed with a combination of recycled and biodegradable foam microbeads, and the evidence of this personal touch can be seen in bespoke imperfections like uneven seams and visible stitching.


In addition to the collection’s sustainable materials and production process, the oversized sacks also stand out for their supreme comfort. After giving them a try at last week’s Feria Habitat Valencia—where we were introduced to the company by one of Santa & Cole‘s lead designers—we can confirm they’re soft enough to fall asleep on within moments of plopping down.


For more information on the backstory watch the 3:00 am video produced by Pensando en Blanco. Visit Teixidors for more information on their impeccably made fabrics, and Pensando en Blanco for more on their latest projects.