Reader Find: Knot Skateboard by Build

Knotbuild Sm

Combing through Reader Finds, we noticed yet another deck to file under "skateboards as art." Knot by London-based designers Build was created for Refill Magazine. The laser-cut surface looks like woodgrain, as the name suggests, but also hints at topographic maps and sinuous feather shapes. (Click image for detail.)

It's unfortunately not yet for sale and we have no other info on it, but if we find anything out, we'll let you know. UPDATE: The board is part of an exhibition called Refill Seven (for the seven layers of plywood that make up each deck, which Refill organized. The show features decks limited to editions of 50 by 67 different artists, launching 29 March 2007 in MTV's gallery in Sydney, Australia. Check back for more info. Thanks Tony!