Popdeck x Cool Hunting Skateboard Design Contest


It's time we tap into the CH talent pool again (that means you!), this time for a skateboard design contest with our new friends over at Popdeck. The Threadless of skateboard design, Popdeck is a website that allows users submit and vote on designs with the winner getting a cash prize and their entry made into a limited-edition board.

Since we're a bit obsessive compulsive ourselves and enjoy design that manifests elements of the orderly disorder, we decided to go with the theme of OCD. Interpret it anyway you'd like, but keep in mind that designs will be assessed both based on this concept as well as originality. The contest will run for three weeks, giving you plenty of time to think up your best. In addition to having their design made into a board, the winner will get $200 cash, a free board and be entered into Cool Hunting Hall of Fame.


Hop on over to Popdeck, make an account, enter the "Cool Hunting Contest" and start drafting your design now. Of the top five rated designs, we'll choose our favorite from the finalists. We're looking forward to the entries.