Reform + Jean Nouvel’s Dazzling Kitchen Design Tells A Story Of Life

During a time of increasing domesticity, these sublime countertops capture the quotidian in a new light

Luminous and ever-evolving, REFLECT—the kitchen design collaboration of cabinets and countertops between Scandinavian brand Reform and internationally renowned Paris-based architect Jean Nouvel—embodies a forward-thinking approach. Nouvel’s expertise in urban structures and his ethos that art is driven by utility seamlessly blends with Reform’s modern aesthetics. Together, the their dazzling kitchen collection interweaves form and function.

Coming in two color variants (black and or silver metal), the sleek countertops from REFLECT are made from nanotechnology and durable steel. They feature vertical ridges, monochrome fronts and a reflective surface. The high-gloss embossed sheet helps the items capture and refract the light, imbuing the design with a multiplicity of spontaneous illuminations. This playful manipulation of light not only nods to an art deco style, but also evokes a spectrum of feelings.

Throughout the day, as the sun strikes the shiny metal grooves within the material, the changing colors of the countertops reflect the passage of time, the different emotions it elicits and the variance of ambiance and values one desires in a home. To Nouvel, this narrative-driven design encapsulates the ideal domestic life: subtle yet undeniably alive.

“The kitchen is minimalistic, but super-expressionistic,” says Reform founder and CEO, Jeppe Christensen. “That’s what Jean Nouvel does so well. [He] inspires to live a life of expression without drowning out everything else, which I think is quite sympathetic and beautiful.”

As people continue spending plenty of time in their homes and kitchens, Christensen put this storytelling collection on center stage, seeking to craft furniture that considers the demands and dreams of everyday life. The kitchen, he continues, is “where we spend most of our time interacting with people and food. It’s the place where we do the most essential things for living. It’s the most important space in the home—maybe even life.” REFLECT celebrates this appreciation for the quotidian.

Images courtesy of Reform