Sapira Luxury Mattresses

Crafted from high-quality, 100% American-made materials, a bed component for easy sleeping

While the one-kind-fits-all mattress isn’t a new concept, getting it right is no easy task. Cool Hunting team members have tested several different versions and have, of course, found them to be of varying comfort and quality, but one certainly stands out: the Sapira mattress by Leesa. Over some six months, this bed has consistently delivered incredible comfort and, even more importantly for couples, little to no disruption when your bedmate moves around. This is because the Sapira is a hybrid of pocket springs and performance foam, providing support without feeling too firm or rigid.

Thanks to the layered nature of the Sapira’s many high-quality materials, it’s also perfect for light sleepers. All the top layers are about comfort, while the bottom offers a solid foundation. To begin, sandwiched between high-resiliency stabilizing foam are 1,000 premium steel springs—creating a supportive and strong base. Next is a layer of high-performance memory foam which contours to your body, without completely giving way. The top layer is made of a breathable, high-density foam that retains very little heat and stays soft without feeling too squishy or flimsy.

After several mattress-in-a-box sleeping situations, Sapira has not been relegated to our guest bedroom or been sent back after the standard test period. No sore necks, no Goldilocks complaints, and (amazingly for two light sleepers) very little disruption resulted from the extended use. While sleeping, nesting and general relaxation is highly personal, we’ve found the Sapira incredibly luxurious and comfortable.

The brand is also a certified B Corp (meeting all the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability) and they donate one mattress for every 10 sold. Further, they partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every mattress. These factors might help you sleep well too.

The Sapira by Leesa can be purchased online from $825 (financing is also available), with free delivery expected three to 10 days later. Of course, there’s a 100-night trial period after which returns are easy.

Images courtesy of Sapira