The Benefits of a Leesa Mattress

From contouring and coolness to an easy delivery and 100-day trial

There’s only one real way of testing out a mattress: spend a lot of time on it. For roughly 100 days now, we’ve been spending our nights on a Leesa. The made-in-the-USA brand joins a crowded market in mattress developments, but there are specific benefits that set it apart. You’ll find no springs inside, but three distinct foam layers. Leesa believes in the one-mattress-fits-all policy, and they’ve produced a product that allows for gentle contouring around the body while still providing full support.

It is firm—with a base layer of dense support foam—but steers far from being hard. The top layer of Avena foam provides a softness that allows for a bit of nurturing, but of equal importance, it grants airflow. The mattress does not heat up (furthered by the single-piece polyester-lycra case), as is the case with some competitors. The middle layer of contouring memory foam contributes on both ends of the spectrum. It’s more or less what one knows of memory foam, but sandwiched between two advancements. This makes for a reliable and relaxing night—still 100 days in. It’s tough to dedicate so much time to figuring out if a product actually holds true to its claims, especially when sleep is at stake—but we’re pleased, and ultimately, well-rested.

Outside of the mattress itself, there are a few other perks. First, Leesa lets those interested try a mattress for up to 100 days. They also provide a complete refund and arrange for a return pick-up, if a customer isn’t happy. The pick-up is free for all states except Alaska and Hawaii. Finally, the custom-built mattresses are shipped within five days. We utilized that same ordering service as every other consumer and found it to be quick and effective. Leesa mattresses are available online, with prices starting at $525.

Images courtesy of Leesa