Ísbjörn / Ice Bear Rug


This imitation polar bear-skin rug is designed by Reykjavik-based designer Sruli Recht for Birkiland. Limited to a single run of 10, the Ice Bear is not just the cute-and-cuddly accessory it appears. The designer hopes to pack a dose of symbolism into the classic man-over-beast accessory.

Cobbled together from 15 different Icelandic sheepskins, it's meant to resemble the classic butcher's diagram poster that labels the different cuts of meat for purchase. Recht also wants it to reflect an expensive fur coat, which when observed closely, is actually made of many tiny scraps sewn together. Thus, he's commenting on how luxury products are merely a compendiums of waste, all with a lovable, teddy bear appearance.

The irony-heavy Ice Bear is "full-sized" at three meters. The majority will be arctic white, with variations in black, brown and albino. They'll be available on the Birkiland site beginning 1 July 2008 and are packed and ready to ship around the world.

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