Heavy-Duty Sleds

Gear up for the next snow day with these three sleds fit for grown-ups too

Sledding really only requires a few inches of snow and a tight grip on a piece of cardboard. But for serious sledders looking for more than an average ride, these three sleds will up speed, stability and wintertime fun.

zipfy1.jpg zipfy2.jpg

Weighing only 3.5 pounds, the Amazon and Toys R Us for $30.

mountainboy1.jpg mountainboy2.jpg

The hand-carved Ultimate Flyer sled from Silverton, CO’s Mountain Boy Sledworks lives up to its name, offering extreme flexibility and support as you soar through the snow. With a pivoting front portion, it’s easier to navigate sharp turns, and the stainless-steel hardware keeps the thick wood construction together over steep bumps or icy conditions. The Flyer comes in two sizes—47-inch or 52-inch— both allowing riders to lay flat, either head-first on their stomach or feet-first on their back (or a combination of these, depending on how daring you are). Get one online from Mountain Boy Sledworks for $140-150 (they will also hand-engrave it for a $30 fee), as well as internationally from various retailers.

hublot3.jpg hublot2.jpg

Limited to an edition of just ten, the Hublot sledge is the Cadillac of sleds. With carbon fiber handles, steel runners, an ash wood frame and a hand-sewn leather seat, it’s not surprising that this is the collaborative work of renowned Swiss watchmaker Hublot and Philippe-Albert Lefebvre from ECAL‘s Masters in Luxury Design and Industry program in Lausanne. The high-powered luge is currently on display at the Alpine World Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. via Selectism