The Bulgari Octos

Classic geometric inspiration infuses men's watches with historic beauty


With an invocation of one of design’s most historic geometric shapes, Bulgari’s Octo men’s watch line reinvents classic, colossal beauty. Their iconic double bezel lays the purity of a circle, atop the faceted structure of an octagon. The resulting combination harks back to the power of architecture, a structural beauty and strength in power. The most recent watch in the series, the Octo Steel takes this mentality one step further; with a stainless steel bracelet in harmonious service to the case’s form.


As part of an ongoing series with Bulgari, we will be exploring both the impact of classic architecture on modern design and its additional use in present-day culture. Bulgari embraces the importance of monumental artistic acceleration in Antiquity. They’ve seen its influence on the creators of today. And in their latest watch line, they’ve enveloped it into their creative vision.

Bulgari found inspiration in the ancient roots of the octagon, which has manifested across art and culture globally since the beginning of creation. Even the name Octo (the number eight in Latin) alludes to its association with prosperity in many Asian cultures and the concept of infinity in the Western world. This history—all found within one word—resonates with this Bulgari line. From there, the watch is further defined by an impressive attention to detail. The Octo features faceted and skeletonized hands and a dedicated crown design—unique to the Octo and featuring a black ceramic insert—adorns the case’s side. The variation between satin and polished elements of the steel band add a note of dynamism. And finally, the sapphire crystal exhibition caseback reveals the movement within a beautiful window—showing just what makes the timepiece tick.

bulgari-1.1.jpg bulgari-1.2.jpg

The Octo excels beyond its exceptional design. Its Automatic “Manufacture” movement has the finest Haute-Horlogerie finishing. Along with its 28 jewels, the watch has second stop functionality and a semi-instantaneous date. It also packs 50 hours of power reserve. It’s a bold watch line, drawing upon the best of traditionalism while reflecting a modern alternative for anybody seeking something more than a flat, round timepiece. It’s a powerful, substantial design offering from one of luxury’s best brands.

The Bulgari Octo line, in stainless steel or pink gold, is available at Bulgari stores nationwide and from Bulgari‘s online store. Prices range from $8,600 to $60,000.

Lead photo by Lauren Espeseth, other images courtesy of Bulgari