The Flour Sack Towel

One of the many handmade wonders from Hawaii's Downtown General Store


Oahu’s Downtown General Store specializes in handmade items invoking the aloha spirit of the island state. From hand-sewn ornaments to hand-screened T-shirts and flour sack dish towels all of the work has been designed by in-house artists. We discovered the line while in Hawaii shooting imagery for our CH Edition Ecoalf Anorak and ended up taking quite a few things home. While their products are regularly featured at local craft fairs, they now offer the option of ordering via email.

Flour sack towels are deeply rooted in history. Back when flour was purchased in 100 pound sacks, each was repurposed for other uses. Some were sewn together for sheets and pillowcases, others were used for underclothing. Due to the incredibly soft nature of the sack, they make for great dish towels as well. Lint-free and highly absorbent, they make for the best kitchen towels. Each has been preshrunk for unraveling resistance and then dyed with water-based ink. The patterns are punchy and come in bright colors. They’re certain to perk up any kitchen with a bit of Hawaii spirit.

You can purchase the flour sack towels and other items at local craft markets (listed on their site) or through direct email outreach for $12.50.

Photos by David Graver