Three Out-of-the-Living-Room TVs


For times when you can't afford to tear yourself away from your plasma screen, here are some products that will allow you to realize the extent of your inner "big brother" tendencies, bringing hi-def throughout your home or office.

The Trak-Kit (right), officially launched at this year's ICFF, eliminates the need for multiple screens by allowing a single TV to follow you wherever you roam. With a range of 12-30 feet and 359-degree rotation, a single screen can function as a TV monitor, computer screen, gaming terminal, or a stock watcher in a multitude of viewing positions. Trak-Kit is compatible with all major flat screen manufacturers, can be custom designed for various aesthetic environments, and a pre-designed cabinet allows for completely hidden storage. Starting at $5,000, it's available by contacting Trak-Kit.


Enabling TV addicts to indulge with discretion, the Séura Television Mirror (left) turns into a functional mirror when not in use. Also capable of looking like a virtual painting or TV monitor, you can place it anywhere in your house or office and order a custom frame to match the design of the room. The Séura TV can fully integrate with cable, satellite, antenna, external sound systems, and DVD players and has standard A/V inputs and outputs. Visit Séura to find a list of dealers.


The Aquavision Waterproof LCD TV (right) brings screens right into the shower, garden, steam room, or pool. Units come with 10.4", 15", 17", or 23" heated screens (to prevent misting in humid conditions or freezing in cold conditions). Like the Suera, the Acqua Vision is available in Mirrorvision finish which turns the monitor into a mirror when not in use. A towel warmer series incorporates a Mirrorvision waterproof TV with a heated rail. Contact Aquavision to locate the nearest showroom.