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First off, Tokyoplastic is a slick site. Cute vector design, dramatic sound, carnivorous plants, and robotic segues– what more could you ask for? I'll tell you what, that the stuff they sell wasn't sold out! They had these vinyl figures of the girl seen above sans drum equipment, but still very rad. And they also had these prints of gore drizzled robots. Alas my fellow consumers, we have missed out. Hopefully, fates permitting, we shall find ourselves upon an alternate path. In the mean time, check out their fun site. Be sure to enter the music box in bits and pieces and check out the drum machine. I know, I know… that last sentence was vague… but just trust me on this one.

UPDATE: Get your plastic ready, folks! It has thankfully come to my attention, that the previously thought to be sold out vinyl girl with the super incredible headphones IS available at Toy Tokyo. So there you go, kids. Happy now? I know I am (or will be at least by Friday).


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