Traktor’s Multifunctional Magnetic Wood Blocks

A hand-carved cube for helping with organization

The simplest design items can lead to organizational clarity at home or in the office. That’s exactly what Jan Van Look, founder of Antwerp-based design studio Kabinet Van Look, is offering with his TRAKTOR magnetized wood cubes, funding on Kickstarter now. These hand-carved blocks have a magnetic core, strong enough to grasp everything from large kitchen knives to heavy dog leashes. Further, they come in four different wood species—Walnut, Maple, Zebrano and Wegne. With this simple shape and classic material combination, it’s easy to find a place for one or more TRAKTORS in the home—and use extends as far as the imagination.

Right now, an entry-level pledge for one TRAKTOR is €40. There’s also an earlybird pledge rate of €65 for two TRAKTOR blocks.

Images courtesy of TRAKTOR