The Utility Shower Curtain

Wintercheck Factory's space-saving take on a bathroom staple


Brooklyn’s Wintercheck Factory has made a name for itself by updating everything from sunglasses to swimsuits with their brand of locally-made and highly-functional chic. The latest to get the Wintercheck treatment is the humble shower curtain. Like all the design studio’s products, the simple yet intelligent concept improves on a standard necessity with a few key design features. This clever solution to cluttered shower floors has interior pockets large enough to stow eight shampoo and conditioner bottles in self-draining pockets, as well as a razor and toothbrush. On the exterior, two loops on either end of the curtain are perfect for hanging your towel to save even more space.


Taking into consideration the small and often windowless bathrooms that plague NYC apartments, Wintercheck constructed the shower curtain from machine washable nylon, making it great for any unventilated bathrooms where mold and mildew thrive and one less thing you have to routinely replace.


Swing on over to Wintercheck Factory’s online store where the utility shower curtain (available in five colors) sells for $48.