Zombie Snow White Macbook Decal

The quintessential Disney princess gets a morbid makeover

ZombieSW-1.jpg ZombieSW-2.jpg

While looking for a way to jazz up my plain white Macbook, I came across this zombified Snow White sticker. And what is she holding? The infamous Apple logo, of course! Being an undead enthusiast, I ordered on on the spot.

ZombieSW-3.jpg ZombieSW-4.jpg

The sticker is made of die-cut pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyl and eco-solvent inks. It is easily applied and removed and can be ordered in any size to fit your laptop, iPad, iPod or iPhone perfectly. For those who don’t like their Disney princesses undead, but still want a twist on the original, Snow White is available in “goth” guise as well. The decals are priced from $7-$20 depending on the device, and can be purchased on Etsy.