Bamboo Ladies Bamboo Pickles

Three generations of pickling preserved with an all-natural recipe


Thanks to our friends at New York Mouth, we were recently exposed to the bamboo pickles from Bamboo Ladies. The curious condiment is a zesty alternative to pickled cucumbers, with a similar taste profile of dill and garlic that sets itself apart with an almost creamy texture. Carla Faw Squires inherited the recipe from grandmother and “original bamboo lady” Johnsie Walsh. After leaving a corporate career, Squires dedicated herself full-time to bringing the family recipe to the world. Hand-processed at Blue Ridge Food Ventures incubator kitchens, the bamboo is first cut in Squires’ own North Carolina patch—a harvest that is done only once a year and with a limited yield. Brimming with flavors that would be at home in a bento box or next to a plate of southern smoked meat, this could be your new pantry staple.

The bamboo pickles sell from Bamboo Ladies’ Etsy shop and New York Mouth.

Image by James Thorne