McClure’s Potato Chips

Pickle masters meet potato chip vets for a briny snack sensation


Anyone familiar with McClure’s pickles or our favorite Bloody Mary mix will like where the two brothers’ fascination with pickles has led them now. Drawing on the flavors of the tasty brines that started it all, the latest to get the McClure treatment are bags of crunchy potato chips.


Detroit’s veteran snack food company, Better Made, provided the perfect chips as a base and McClure adds their blend of spices that pack the potatoes with their distinct punch of pickle flavor. Sprinkled with the right amount of mouth-watering seasonings the chips trick your tongue into tasting zesty pickles before dissolving into the savory potato taste.


It’s not just the flavors that reflect McClure’s specialty product, but the crinkle cut also evokes the playfully familiar form pickles often take. The chips are certified vegetarian, vegan and Kosher and are trans fat-free. Each bag features McClure’s standard bold graphic and is color coded according to flavor—red for spicy pickle and green for garlic dill pickle.

Look out for McClure’s potato chips in mid-July 2011 locally in New York City and Detroit. Ohio and other pickle-friendly locations will follow, and will be available in online shop in August 2011. Prices are around $1 in Michigan and $1.75 elsewhere for a 2.5 oz bag.

All photos by Cool Hunting