The first-ever biodegradable packaging for frozen produce


As an extension of its long-running sustainable farming practices—and a first of its kind for the freezer aisle—Stahlbush Island Farms recently introduced BioBags, biodegradable packaging for its line of frozen fruits and vegetables. Brown craft paper and water-based ink replaces commonly used polyethylene-based materials, reducing the breakdown process from several centuries long to just a few months.

Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Stahlbush Island Farms has an outstanding reputation for sustainable agriculture, producing enough electricity from fruit and vegetable byproducts to power around 1,100 homes. The recent BioBags endeavor is the upshot of a collaboration with Michigan-based Cadillac Products Packaging Company, who helped design and manufacture the eco-friendly bags.

Stahlbush_blueberrybranch.jpg stalbush-blue3.jpg

Frozen blueberries are already available in the new bags ($5), with the remaining 20-plus frozen fruit and vegetable products set to roll out over the next few months ($3-$5). They sell at Whole Foods, Sunflower Farmers Market, New Seasons Market, as well from independent natural food stores.