Bovetti Chocolates


Probably to quell our jealousy, a CH colleague recently brought delicious Bovetti chocolate bars back from a weekend trip to Paris. It worked. The artisan Tablettes de chocolate are wide bars of rich quality chocolate sprinkled with a single ingredient on one side.

We sampled a dark chocolate with sesame and enjoyed both the complexly flavored chocolate and the subtle nutty accent of the seeds. While the even distribution of the sesame made for a pleasant experience (for each bite you can decide which surface faces your tongue), a white chocolate and apricot bar left us pinching off bits of the two smallish apricot pieces.

Other flavors combos include dark chocolate with carmelized cocoa beans, violet with white chocolate, and milk chocolate with banana chips. Besides going to their factory and museum in Terrasson, France, the chocolates are available at several retailers in France and online from Boutique Chocolat.