Transforming Agricultural Waste Into Oils for Food

Led by Dorian Leger and Milena Ivanisevic from Connectomix Bio, researchers are turning agricultural waste into oils in order to fight a future of food insecurity and to reduce methane emissions. To achieve this, they first break down waste (like corn husks) into a gas which is then fed to microbes. The new mixture inspires a process of fermentation that grows lipids, a crucial fat that could be used to create palm oil and other oil alternatives, as well as mimic the flavor of meat. “We’re building on a technology that’s existed for a millennia—brewing—but the big differences are that instead of making beer we’re making lipids and instead of dedicating land to grow crops specifically for this process, we’re using renewable resources,” says Leger. Learn more about the inventive sustainability project at Food Navigator.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons