CH25: Tarren Wolfe

The next-generation appliance making kitchens greener—literally

“Our vision has always been to provide an option for everyone to grow their own food,” says Urban Cultivator founder and CEO Tarren Wolfe. Observing how challenging it was to source completely organic, non-GMO food—hitting home personally due to his wife’s severe food allergies—Wolfe developed Urban Cultivator, an indoor gardening system. Not just a useful kitchen appliance, the empowering project puts control in people’s hands.

Home growing is the only way to make sure your veggies are fresh and pesticide-free, as well as sustainably grown and delivered. But not all of us have the luxury of backyards or time to garden, let alone ideal year-round weather. Saving space, time and effort, Urban Cultivator’s best benefit comes at dinnertime. “The flavor of the greens grown is completely unparalleled to anything you can get at grocery stores,” says Wolfe, not to mention the nutritional bonus of produce harvested a few seconds before your meal.

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