EXIMO Sipping Rum

A dark, full-bodied spirit aged in white oak barrels for 10 years


The world is in no short supply of superb rums from many locations. And yet, Facundo EXIMO imparts a very distinct experience. Both medium and full-bodied rums, more than 10 years back, were united and then aged together in oak. This allows for a perfect marriage and lends a weight to the spirit without it being overbearing. The dark mahogany coloration immediately conveys what one can find within: while bright and lush at the start, EXIMO carries a full range of nuts, vanilla and butter. Even cinnamon and orange play a role in the flavor profile. This is not an overtly sweet rum, but something more nuanced. And at 80 proof, it’s not as potent as some luxury rums can be, but maintains enough gravity.

EXIMO isn’t even the top of the line in the Facundo range. In fact, Exquisito (a blend aged between seven to 23 years), and Paraiso (a blend aged between 17 and 23 years) employ older spirits, all of which are also drawn from Bacardi’s private rum reserve and aged in the Bahamas. EXIMO, however, strikes a chord—especially at this price point.

Ultimately the brainchild of Manny Oliver, the Maestro De Ron (Master Blender) at Bacardi, EXIMO really isn’t a “rum and coke” rum. It fits neatly into classic cocktails as a whiskey substitute and more than holds its own neatly as neat or on the rocks. Consumers sometimes have trouble wrapping their brains around a high-end rum, especially one produced by a company predominantly known for party drinks, but Facundo EXIMO is more than a recent product from a historic brand—it’s an informed, flavorful sip.

Facundo is available via EXIMO online for $60.

Images courtesy of Facundo