KCDC Can Cover

A clever vinyl wrap for stealthy public drinking


Innovations in the art of concealed pubic drinking don’t come along too often, so when we recently found the latest version of the ingenious static-cling can cover by KCDC skateshop we needed to share the news. While others like Anti-Hero skateboards have been making them for years, the innovation here is making the wrap “man can” size. The Brooklyn-based skateshop cleverly seized on Arizona Iced Tea to make the tall boy-appropriate sticker a few months back, replacing the design’s cherry blossoms with skateboard wheels and ingredients with clever skate-oriented copy.

CH-KCDC-2.jpg CH-KCDC-3.jpg

Holding down the NYC skate scene since 2001, KCDC sells these rad can covers for just $5 a pop. Cheaper than an open container ticket and re-usable, you’ll be set to evade the boys in blue any day you please. Check online or swing by their lone Williamsburg shop to snag one for yourself.