Mentos Rainbow

A full fruit spectrum in candy form, without the artificial dyes


Since bringing a roll of
‘ new fruit-flavored candies back from Switzerland earlier this month, I’ve been searching online and in local NYC stores for them constantly. Luckily, it looks as if I don’t have to resort to ordering
a box from Amazon
as we found them in a deli today and scooped up a few for an official Cool Hunting tasting.

Packaged in order for fun and easy flavor identification (we like how even the foil keeps up the colorful code), standout flavors tend toward the less-common choices, with pineapple being the clear winner and raspberry a close second. As a whole, while these still have an artificial tang, the flavor profiles hint at a more “natural” direction, with watermelon drawing as much praise as criticism for the distinctly summery hints of green rind.

A closer look at the ingredients reveals that the natural taste isn’t just lipservice either. Rather than the usual numbers and letters, Mentos lists turmeric, beta-carotene and beetroot, among others, as colors used. Free of high fructose corn syrup too, all we can say is take warning Skittles.