Root Fruit Vegetable Crisps

A lightly fried alternative to the standard potato chip, Root Fruit crisps add beetroot, parsnip and sea salt into the mix. (Click above images for detail.) We scored a bag of the Scandinavian snacks with basic seasonings on a recent Stockholm visit, but they come in a variety of potato flavors including parmesan gingerbread, Stilton Blue-savory and almond, in addition to apple chips. Minimal use of oil throughout the line allows the subtle flavors to remain on center stage.


Founder Richard Grönevall's passionate commitment to organically grown produce led him to creating Root Fruit, a vegetarian-friendly, healthy snack comprised only of vegetables, salt and oil. (Grönevall pictured above left.) While the ingredients are mostly organic, they are still in the process of certifying the entire line.


Available in small or large bags, Root Fruit sells directly from their website.